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Country Project



Our teacher asked us to pick a country that we wanted to research.  I chose to do this country because my mom and dad used to live in Saudi Arabia.  My older brother was born there.  I was born in Calgary, but we have a lot of stuff in our house that is from Saudi Arabia, and I am curious about it.  My parents have lots of pictures from their travels, and so I thought I could learn about it. 

We had to view and copy a page in Mahara to see the assignment.


Planning Process

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This is where I found my information:

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Country Project


I have been working really hard on my organizational skills this term.  I used a few strategies during this project that really helped.  The plan helped me stay focused on what I needed to get done on time.  I finished the project two days early!  Wow! 



I really enjoyed doing this project.  I learned a lot about Saudi Arabia, the people, their culture, and the different foods that they eat!  The project was interesting and so I really liked doing it.  I even learned a few words in Arabic!    Maybe I will get to travel there one day. I would like to see the Red Sea and all the different fish.  After I finished the project, I think I know more about Saudi Arabia than my brother!  I have to teach him about it. 


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