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Con 1070 - Building Construction


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Flooring & Wall system

Identify Material Needed to build these Structures.


Flooring and Wall System 

Framing is the structure its "the frame of the house." Its whats under your floors and in your walls. The distances between the Joists are very important. If they are too far apart the floor and structure is very unstable. For example over time the floor will bend in and mabey even cave in. Jp told us Jayman's joists are more far apart thats why in some of their houses their floors sqeak. We cut some two by fours in order to make crosss bracing or blocking. This adds more support making the framing sturier. They slide in between the joists. Squash Blocks are upwards against the joists holding them in place. We nailed together two long two by fours which made a brace. It holds the weight of the frames/structure.

The material needed to build a wall include 2x4's, plywood, and Nails.

 Step 1: layout 2x4’s in the following fashion making sure that they are doubled at the ends to support weight. 

Step 2:  Measure each stud to be 16 inches apart from each other. 

Step 3: Nail in 2 nails in the top and bottom of each stud. 

Step 4: Take your measuring tape and make sure that each corner-to-corner measurement is the same.  If not move boards in accordingly.

 Step 5: nail sheeting to the wall and erect it.





How does Safety affect Design

Safety factors into the strength required by a product and the strength that it is designed for. If a product is required to support 100 lbs then is designed with a strength that supports 200 lbs to make sure that there is a proper allowance of weight. Increasing the strength of a product may require the use of more material in order to bring it to safety standards which affect what martial are used in the design. Safety laws plays an important role in what the roof structure is too look like. Because of the immense weight on the roof the trusses and made into triangles because off their strength. A teleport is another factor for the design safety because its a load bearing pole that essentially helps support the whole house.  

Roof drawing


How function affects design.

Function essentially changes the layout of the whole design.  Depending upon the builders idea of what kind of people they're building the home for the layout will change. In general the starter home for young family has three room and is very basic with utilities like the kitchen and bathroom. The functionality is very key when accounting in special needs such as bath with side doors or counter tops and a very low hight. 




The roof provides protection from animals and weather, notably rain, but also heat, wind and sunlight; and the framing or structure which supports the covering.

Rafters and trusses - support the decking.

Decking/Sheathing - The boards or sheet materials fastened to the roof rafters to cover the house.

Underlayment - Sheets of asphalt-saturated material, Used as a second layer of protection for the roof decking.

Shingles, tiles, etc., -  protect the decking from weather. This is the first layer of protection for your roof decking.

Sheet Metal - laid into the various joists and valleys of a roof system to prevent water leaks.

How ascetics affect design?

The ascetics affected the design in a number of general ways. The design is actually made to ascetically appealing to the general population for easy sells. Ascetics also give the design uniqueness from the different builders layouts. 

Tools belt




Foundation and Support System

You need to build temporary wood walls in order to support the concrete for bottom of the house. When the sement hardens you take down the wood exteroir. This is a very important step because if the cement can break through the wallls the damage is expensive. You need to have soild concete foundation in order to start building a house.Snap ties are the most inportant part of cribbing. They keep the boards square so the cement is straight also adds as a reinforment.





Exterior and Interior finishes are the little details that go on after the actual house is built. Once the framers are done with the building of the house, then they do the exterior and interior finishes. 


Roofing (shingles)



Anything other than standards





Hardwood Floors


Any interior designing



List and describe the basic materials and hand tools used in building construction and describe how structural materials and construction tools are safely used on the work site.

Basic Tools to be on the Job Site 

- Hammer: A hammer is used for the traditional use of hammering nails and pulling them out. However it also acts as a good lever when your trying to lift heavy thing off the ground to put something underneath. Also its used to make walls level or position things by tapping them into place. 

- Pencil: A pencil is mostly used for writing measurements and drawing cut lines.

- Squares: Provides a way to draw a perfect square line as well as figure out angles and measuring small spaces. 

- Safety Goggles: protect your eyes from potential hazards.  

- X-Acto Knife:  this knife can cut into various materials.

- Gloves: protect your hands

- Hard Hat: protect your head.